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Kristi Sayles

Dear Kristi,
THANK YOU!!! I don't know whether you realize this or not but your software is addictive!!! The next best thing would have you sitting beside me while I work because I think you are among the best Writing Instructors I have ever had!! I have found your software to be invaluable in anything that I need to write!! It works as well for legal research as it does for creative writing. It even works with just ordinary correspondence!! I love working with it!!!

J.C. Holmes-freelance writer






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Step-by-Step Guide to Writing and Publishing Your Book

  1. You are inspired to write a book!
    • Research the subject.
    • Check for other books (resources and competition).
    • Check the title for similar ones on Amazon.Select a working title.
  2. Draft the cover copy.
  3. Set up your binder with dividers, front matter, and backmatter. Slip the mock-up of the covers into the outside pockets.
  4. Assemble research materials into chapter piles.
    • Research. Gather more content. First draft, rough draft. Get what you have into the binder. Draft all chapters before going back to edit.
  5. Second draft. Content edit. Research and fill in the gaps.
    • Gather quotes.
    • Draft question list. Start getting answers.
    • Draft an illustration list: the photos and drawings you will need. Start locating them.
  6. Third draft. Peer review. Send out chapters for feedback.
  7. Get testimonials for the back cover, page one, etc.
  8. Fourth draft. Copy edit. Clean up the punctuation, grammar, and style
  9. Fact checking.
    • Confirm stories and facts.
    • Confirm addresses and figures.
  10. Decision:
    Sell to publisher or Self-publish
    Get agent
    Draft book proposal

    Sign with publisher
  11. You are published.
  12. Promotion: Send out review copies, host autograph parties, give radio/TV interviews, etc.

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2) Online business
3) Business coaching
4) Finance
5) Advertising online
6) Affiliate success
7) Network marketing success
8) Computer tips
9) Web design tips
10) Articles related to women in business


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