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Kristi Sayles

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I've been interviewed by the best and Kristi Sayles' sharp wit and sense of humor makes her interviewing style stand out as one of my favorite interviewers of all time. She created a sense of rapport that is admirable to achieve over the phone.
Ben Mack

June 10
Matt Bacak!

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Replaying Now...

Peter Prestipino-Website Magazine Editor- This guy knows EVERYTHING internet.

Michel and Sylvie Fortin-Success Chefs
April 15, 2008 at 9:00 pm EST

Kevin Nations-The Six Figure Coach
Learn how to sell high-ticket items for high-ticket profits!

Peter Prestipino-Website Magazine Editor-This guy knows something about EVERYTHING Internet. 

Rob Toth-Fear of Loss and Psychology of Selling


Ron Capps-Affiliate Cash Secrets

  Willie Crawford-Traffic Generation

The Master Resell Rights Blowout Team!
Topic: Resell Flipping
K Smith and Susan Bernau

Gobala Krishna, Vince Tan, Melvin Ng
I grilled these guys right in the hotel during the World Internet Marketing Main Event in San Fran.
They were terrfic! They really spelled out how they created $69,000 in 7 days and how others can do the same if they just duplicate the process they went through.

EVENT:  Million Dollar Mike Morgan-
Avoid These 9 Mistakes!
Mike Morgan is one of the world's most successful copywriters. Once you listen to this audio, you will know why! His advice is solid gold!
His offer is here-I can't believe how inexpensive it is!  It's worth so much more!

  EVENT:  Odinn Sorensen
Odinn gave us all kinds of great product creation ideas.

EVENT:  Ben Mack- Profitable Magic
Ben explains the benefits of Direct Response Branding-the marriage of direct response marketing with branding.  It's valuable information for anyone that has products or ideas to sell.

You can see Ben do the most amazing card trick  you've ever seen and some cool freebies by signing up at 

EVENT:  Jeff Wellman- New Marketers Listen Up!
Jeff gave great advice for new marketers-but even
not-so-new marketers could benefit by listening to
his sage advice as well!

Jeff's Offer-The Millionaire Boss

EVENT:  Frank Bruno-Extracting Gold with Video
Frank's offer to create videos for people is so awesome!
He's a real pro at it and has great information about the
nature and future of video marketing as well.

EVENT:  Frank Sousa and Len Foley-Bionic Burger Videos!
Frank and Len gave great info about the famous video-but more importantly, they laid out how easy it is for anyone to make money with videos-lots of great info on this audio!
You don't even have to have a camera! I had no idea making a video could be so
inexpensive-or profitable!

Viral Video Secrets
Traffic Geyser

EVENT:  Ross Goldberg
DATE & TIME: Thursday, October 18th at 9:00pm Eastern
FORMAT: Simulcast! (Attend via Phone or Webcast -- it's your choice)

Ross's Offer

EVENT:  Reed Floren- How to JV Effectively

EVENT:  Mark Joyner- Plain Talk about Business
Mark just laid out his best business beliefs and
strategies with no hype. Just plain good info.

EVENT:  Lynn Scheurell- Business Catalyst
Lynn knows business and she knows how to help you to truly know your business.  She is a coach that can get your business moving in the right direction. On this call, she explains so much about the most important things an entrepreneur can do, but most importantly, what can harm your success and how to avoid those pitfalls.
We had a lot of fun on the call as well.

EVENT:  Paulie Sabol-The Future of Affiliate Marketing
If you've ever wanted to make money with affiliate marketing,
Paulie is one to explain things to you. To listen to this replay:


EVENT:  Mike Paetzold- Why Blog?
Mike explains blogging from A-Z.

EVENT:  Erik Stafford-The Faster Webmaster
Erik explains everything you need to know about
starting your very own website. They don't call him
the Faster Webmaster for nothing!

EVENT:  Kevin, "Mr. Ebay", Johnson
Kevin KNOWS Ebay and how to make money
with it! He teaches you how to do it on this interview!

EVENT:  John Archer-PLR Professor

EVENT:  Stephanie Mulac- List Building!

EVENT:  Bob the Teacher Discusses CPanel Videos

EVENT:  Tahir Shah-Internet Marketing Nightmare

EVENT:  Ameer Salim-Hot Marketing Videos

EVENT:  Brad Linder- Advice from a Millionaire Marketer

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