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Website Deassigning Clients

Ever felt like you were stuck in the mud not able to go anywhere?

That is where I was when I had no idea how to make a book proposal. The book proposal software got me out of the mud and I am on the road to success with my book. THX for making it so easy.

William Frederick - Author of The Coming Epiphany

Hey, Kristi: Good stuff! I really liked the logical way you laid out how to make an article click.

Darrell Laurant –

Kristi Sayles has developed a piece of software that is incredible! The software is self explanatory and easy to use. The system works great and is great for people who need to do Press Releases. It’s a great way for people to get the right information out when it's important.

John Harte - Manchester CT

While writers love writing, we often hate composing the necessary Query Letters. Novice writers have an even tougher time making their first impression on an editor sound professional. Instant Query Letters gives writers, whether veteran or novice, a quick, user-friendly format for initial correspondence with a prospective editor. The fill-in-the-blank areas of the program helps a writer remember the essential components of a query, whether for a book or magazine article. Any writer who hates wasting time on queries will appreciate this program.

Deborah K. Frontiera -

Kristi Sayles has come up with an excellent program for writers. Even a novice like me can now write professional Query Letters that will demand attention. Thanks Kristi! You're a Godsend!

Elizabeth H. Foster

• Before he wrote Roots, Alex Haley had received 200 rejections. • Robert Persig's classic, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, couldn't get started at 121 houses. • John Grisham's first novel, A Time to Kill, was declined by fifteen publishers and some thirty agents. His novels have more than 60 million copies in print. • The Baltimore Sun hailed Naked in Deccan as "a classic" after it had been rejected over seven years by 375 publishers. That's an awful lot of Query Letters to write and send before you strike gold. There are literally thousands of publishers, of magazines, papers and ezines and to find one or more who really believes in a new author is a hard and difficult task. Sending Query Letters in the first instance is appreciated by all - from agents to busy editors and their staff - and noted as a sign of professionalism. This programme makes it easy to produce a postive Query Letter quickly, which is of the essence because as a professional author, one needs to write and send many. It is also easy to personalise further after the main points have been covered and for a new author starting out, it might well be the incentive they need to keep at it, keep on sending Query Letters and finding their breakthrough personal contacts in the long run.

James Masterson -
E-Book Division
The StarFields Network

Thanks Again for your SmartAuthor Software and all those fantastic bonuses!

If I bought each writing tool separately at full retail in many stores, the complete set would cost $500 to $1000. That kind of savings means a lot to anybody on a really tight budget, like us. The bonuses are worth even more.

I have severe cerebral palsy, low vision, and learning disabilities.

SmartAuthor is very easy to use. Each writing tool is designed like a roadmap to success. SmartAuthor can help any novice writer's tasks look and feel professional. SmartArthor has given me the tools and confidence to write my first grant proposal/ application for $100,000 to assist millions of families via the Internet.

Kristi Sayles and SmartAuthor are helping our tiny nonprofit bring infinite, perpetual good, education, better life skills, hope, faith, love, and financial support to millions of families and their communities. The web is our best asset as we build networks, joint ventures, and partnerships with God and good people like Kristi.

Dr. Steve Hammonds,M.S.,D.D –
The Stephen W. Hammonds Foundation,Inc.
10010 Broadway 805
San Antonio, TX. 78217

Hi. I read all of the material included, and it really simplified the whole article process. I have been writing articles for sales purposes for some time now, but this really just streamlined the whole process down to about half an hour, and even helped in getting the ideas flowing. I might even start writing one article every day instead of one a week now. And go ahead and use that as a testimonial – your article creator was great!

Cheryl Lester –

I look forward to putting YOUR testimonial on this page! :)

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Here's one for my newsletter that I feel very proud of!

Dear Kristi, I was very touched by your e-mail. I have a genuine respect and admiration for people like you too, warm and genuine. This comes through in your newsletter, which is why it sets it apart from other newsletters. You genuinely seem to care about your subscribers and involve them in the newsletter as real people instead of just a business. Take care,

Martine Meah

"Kristi-I have just used the Essay Creator. I must say that it’s incredible to read the final product. When I read the essay I was shocked-totally shocked that I had completed such a thorough piece of work so simply. I promise to share my experiences with your software with all that I speak with in writing groups and such. I can’t wait to try your other programs!"

Donna Dufour –
Author, “Crawling Up a Mountain” and “They Said His Name.”


Hi. Nice site and excellent products. Do you have an affiliate program or offer resale rights to your products? Thanks.
God bless,

Ellen Lytle
City Med

(I wrote Ellen back and told her that I would love to offer her an affiliate link that could earn her a full 50% of a sale from the Smart Author Software Collection. Here's the URL that you can use too!)

Dear Kristi,

Your programs are very good for organizational, and time management skills. With the use of your software, I can easily say what I need to say quickly and efficiently. With so many projects for teaching and writing for my students, it is hard to stay organized. This program eliminates organizational dilemmas.

With your software, I still have the flexibility and freedom to change any wording that came with the templates. From time to time, I need to change material or add a personal touch to a program and I can do that with Smart Author. Thank you so much for more free time for me, which is something many hard workers ask for!

Cheryl Myers M.A.

Hi Kristi,

Just downloaded your Article creator and 'Boy' it looks really good and what a wonderment for the person looking to write and article and bring in tons of leads. It's people like you who make life so much easier for people like me.

Len Cecchetto

Dear Kristi,

I purchased your "Instant Writer" software back in July and have found it quite helpful in developing a business plan for a new mission project I've started. In His Service,

Rev. Richard J. Boeck, Jr.

Dear Kristi,

Awesome! Essay Creator was so easy to use. I used it for an essay in my educational class. The outline and final paragraph improved my essay writing.

Mary Berry


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