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Website Deassigning Clients

Website Deassigning Clients



"I don't see how anyone couldn't whip up an excellent article fast using your Instant Article Creator."

Mark Joyner – Internet Marketing Pioneer

Mark Joyner Instant Article Creator Testimonial

Kristi Sayles has created a step-by-step article writing masterpiece! The Instant Article Creator leaves her competition in the dust. It is so easy to use that even a beginner like myself can write with ease. I was writing like a pro in just minutes. I've tried other article writing software at many times the cost of this one, but The Instant Article Creator is the only one with such clear instructions and examples it just doesn't make any sense to spend hundreds of dollars for software that won't perform as well.

Thank you Kristi,
Anthony Smith – Maximum Edge Marketing

Smart Author software is a very useful tool that has taken my writing to another level. Many thanks to Kristi Sayles - I highly recommend to freelance authors that want to strengthen their writing skills.

Cindy K. Roberts –

Saturday evening, while reinstalling software on my computer, I realized I didn't have the unlock code for the Smart Author software. I wrote an email to Kristi not expecting to hear from her. Within a half hour, I had an email response which is a level of service I don't even get from my cable company!

Kristi has recently begun holding teleseminars with experts she has come to know in the industry of internet marketing. Usually, these sorts of things turn into a lengthy sales pitch for whatever the expert's information product or service. Kristi is doing something very different. She is advocating for content that will help those of us out here just learning the ropes. That is such a gift!

During a recent teleseminar, I sent a note along to her and included a phone number. Immediately after the teleconference ended, my phone was ringing. What a surprise it was to hear Kristi on the other end of the line wanting to personally answer my question! It always astounds me to learn that, behind the scenes of the splash pages and autoresponder notes, there's a real person who actually cares about their subscribers' success in such a personal way!

Kristi Sayles' product, Instant Article Creator, nudges and guides our creative writing processes in such a fun way and, combined with Viral Article Publisher, a new internet author has all the tools needed to get our words out on the internet.

But that isn't what is the best part, to me. Kristi Sayles is a genuine person with loads of enthusiasm and strong ethics of customer satisfaction. She is an admirable being whom I hope to keep as my friend.

Thank you Kristi,
Marj Wyatt – Happy Customer
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