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Instant Story Creator for Kids - $19.97
Unlock your student's greatest potential to create fully-structured fictional stories!

Attention Parents and Teachers...

As a school teacher, I was surprised when... I discovered that children really don't know how to write stories. Most of my students enjoy writing, but they don't seem to grasp the importance of using an appropriate title or having a beginning, middle and end.

Since all of my students like to use the computer, I have looked for software programs that could help teach them these concepts-but to no avail.

Kristi, WOW!!! I have to say that I'm so impressed. The graphics are wonderful.(Story Creator for KIDS) And the set-up is great. Tabytha loves it, and I have to admit, I'm about to go back to school. And the essay writer is going to help me.

Thanks so much. Your product is going to help in our house!

Bernice Beardsley,
Camden, TN.

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