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Website Deassigning Clients


Website Deassigning Clients

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As a mature student with dyslexia, Instant Essay Creator has enabled me to organize my thoughts and structure my assignments.  I highly recommend this software for all, regardless of age.


Thank you once again. As a first year university student in his 40's - its hard enough to get back into the learning process without having to struggle with academic writing.  I have recently been diagnosed with dyslexia and any aid such as this assisting me is a god send.


Your customer service is also outstanding.    


Jason Webb, Devon U.K

"Kristi-I have just used the Essay Creator. I must say that it’s incredible to read the final product. When I read the essay I was shocked-totally shocked that I had completed such a thorough piece of work so simply. I promise to share my experiences with your software with all that I speak with in writing groups and such. I can’t wait to try your other programs!"
Now I do, thanks to your program.Thank you for creating it.

Donna Dufour-Author, “Crawling Up a Mountain”
and “They Said His Name.”

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