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I'm a teacher, writing coach, author, and the creator of Smart Author Software.

I designed each of these template-based writing programs to destroy writer's block and keep you focused on the task at hand.

Since the modules allow you to work on one component at a time, you can now concentrate on writing your best without feeling overwhelmed by the huge project looming before you.

Every module in the package has years of valuable experience distilled into it. All the insider secrets of writing articles, essays, reports, resumes – virtually any writing task - are built right into the software. These modules are truly the cruise missiles of the literary world. There’s a Smart Author module just waiting to nuke your writer’s block now.

The best part of having Smart Author is the speed with which you can produce really great copy, regardless of your experience level. Good writing is literally a few clicks away. Remember, there is a profitable market out there for good writing. Smart Author is your key to breaking into this lucrative field or getting that high grade you deserve.

Smart Author Software produces polished, original work that can stand up to the scrutiny of experts. Originality is guaranteed…just read the testimonials from some of our clients. No other product comes even close to the professionalism of Smart Author. Whatever your writing needs, Smart Author will lead you, step by step, to a polished solution of higher quality than you could possibly produce on your own.

25 Programs PLUS Bonus Gifts!

For the First Time Ever, You Can Now Have Your Very Own Magic Writing Device That'll Make Your Writing Wishes Come True -- Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

Let's take a look into each killer writing application and discover how they work together to create the ultimate magic writing device...

Website Deassigning Clients

Website Deassigning Clients

Smart Author System Collection - $297.00

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