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Website Deassigning Clients
Website Deassigning Clients
Instant Copy Writing Guide Software - $27.00
Wouldn't you love to have someone walk you through creating a killer sales letter?

This software will do just that! Million dollar Mike Morgan has generously donated his Magic Marketing Words and his famous headline templates-they're IN this software for you to reference whenever you need them!
It's the tried and tested methods of writing copy on steroids! You can save the results as a document or as an html file-complete with the most popular add-ons: Adsense, Clickbank, and Amazon!
You'll use the Instant Copywriting Guide Software Over and Over Again-for just ONE small payment...on sale now for a limited time!

Kristi, I used to go through hell and high water
to make sure my web copy followed the tried
and true formula for sales letters. Sometimes
I spent more time cutting, pasting and generally
rearranging my copy than I did actually
writing it. Now, with your Instant Copywriting
Guide software I'm on track all the way from
my headline to the second PS. Writing effective
sales pages is so much easier now - thank you!
(Just don't tell my clients!)
Simon Carreck

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