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Instant Synopsis Creator - $27.00

Some writing goes nowhere. You read and read and…get lost. Use the Instant Synopsis Creator to eliminate the debris, effortlessly and painlessly. Guaranteed not to be boring. The media are waiting…

Hi Kristi!

Oh my god! I am so relieved that I found your product and I mean it 100%.

I must have spent hours worrying and thinking what on earth I was going to write for my synopsis. Instant Synopsis Creator is brilliant. You just answer a few simple questions and with the click of a button; your synopsis is there in front of you.

It’s like having a professional sitting right beside you guiding through all the steps.

A few months ago I was certain I would never see my novel published; now I am sure I am in with a high chance. I can’t express enough how satisfied I am with this product. I feel like all my worries have gone away rapidly. I put in a huge amount of work and to have the Instant Synopsis creator there to help me; it’s an absolute dream.

Thanks Kristi,

Eimear Varley (extremely satisfied)

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