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Website Deassigning Clients
Website Deassigning Clients
Instant Query Letters for Articles and Novels - $37.00
Two for one special!
Two separate programs- one for Articles and another for Books-You get them BOTH!

"Query Letters are like a knock on an editor's door. Your letter must be good enough to get her to WANT to open it -- Instant Query Letters creates professional letters that will have her begging to see the rest of your manuscript!"

Have you ever checked the dumpster out back of a publishing house. It’s full…full of rejected query letters. Editors look for certain, specific elements and if these are not present…dumpster time. With Instant Query Letters you will get the formula right, every time.

Dear Kristi,

Your "Instant Query Letter Software" does exactly what it says. Concise, effective query letters in an instant. Structured, yet personal - just what every writer needs. So quick to use that there's less time spent selling, and more time for writing."

Jon Wilson
Internet Consultant and Author -

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