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What do you want to know about me? Well....

I'm a wife, mom, stepmom, grandma, Elementary teacher, , Church song leader, song writer, internet marketer, software creator, writing coach, internet marketing consultant, and basically, tired, but happy person! :)

My successes in getting published have mainly been in the business genre, although I've had work accepted by others as well. I've had several articles published by national business magazines and ezines including Home Business Connection, Home Business Journal, Cutting Edge Opportunities, Inet Exec, Executive Update, Spirit, and The Plain Truth. I have several books published. You can see them all at

Not long ago, I had an article published in 'News Teachers Use.' It's a publication that goes out to all schools in the nation. My principal gave me a "smiley face."

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Kristi Sayles is a published author of numerous publications - both online and offline. She is also the creator of Instant-Writer Software™ and remains a well-respected authority in the field of writing.
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